Water: are we responsible?

9-12 years




+10 sessions


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SDG 6, 13

Throughout this resource, which is designed as a service learning project, we will travel around planet Earth as we analyse the main issues to do with WATER; the short-, long- and medium-term consequences of ICE MELTING; the health of our SEAS, OCEANS, RIVERS AND COASTS.

We will also carry out a practical analysis of the responsible use of water in our near environment, as well as sewage processing and the consequences of ice melting on the planet.

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María Benito Jiménez

Teacher specialised in Hearing and Language. 17 years working on diversity in classrooms in private, state-subsidised and state schools in the Spanish school system. Experience as a classroom tutor, tutor for students with autism spectrum disorder and specific support for hearing and motor disabilities.

Jairo Dopazo Alonso

Teacher specialising in Physical Education and Foreign Language (English). Expert in cooperative learning. Twenty years of teaching experience in Primary Education in private, public and state-subsidised schools in the Spanish education system. Experience as a Specialist in PE and English, Tutor, Coordinator of official Bilingual Programmes of the Community of Madrid, Deputy Director and Director.

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