My Eco-neighbourhood

3-6 years


An introduction to Climate Change


+10 sessions


Teacher's guide



SDG 12, 13

The project sets out to develop ecological habits and values in the school and its immediate surroundings. Children do research into their own homes and neighbourhoods, think about whether they should recycle all rubbish, go on a picnic… 

All this will culminate with a celebration of what they have learned when they will share their work and experiences with their families and neighbourhoods, making the community a part of this learning experience.

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Azucena Vega Hevia

Graduate in Educational Sciences with a specialisation in School Guidance and a diploma in Teaching with a specialisation in Early Childhood Education. AECOPE educational coach. Specialist in psychomotricity and postgraduate in Motor Therapy from the University of Comillas and the International School of Psychomotricity. Trained in Emotional Intelligence at the University of Barcelona.

She has worked as an Early Childhood Education teacher, school counsellor, has taught personalised study techniques to primary and secondary school pupils, and has been an online tutor and Higher Technician in Early Childhood Education.

She is currently a teacher at the Colegio Sagrada Familia de Trilema in Madrid, where she collaborates in the training and dissemination of innovative practices and strategies.

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