12-16 years


Energy and sustainable mobility


+10 sessions


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SDG 11, 12, 13

The “GeolocalizARTE” project encourages cooperative work on the subject of sustainable transport. It takes up one week of the school year and sees students develop their spatial and kinaesthetic intelligence.

Among the objectives of this are: Getting a better understanding of their own surroundings to do the activities and incorporate elements that encourage healthy and active lifestyles from a personal, family and social standpoint.

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Andrés Izquierdo García

Degree in Physical Activity Sciences. Master’s in New Information and Communication Technologies in Education and Training. Researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Coordinator of the Stars Project at Isabel la Católica secondary school. Member of the board of the NGO Peace and Cooperation. He has spent years working on generating initiatives to promote health in education and society.

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