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Every year is another opportunity to rethink the way we behave. Taking stock of our personal and work lives is necessary in order to think about whether the way we act, live, relate to others and our surroundings really make us happy. Do you know why taking care of the oceans is so important? Have you thought about how the way we consume things affects the planet? In short… how much do you know about climate change? If you have answered no, not at all or not much, then you’re in the right place! Our EducaClima platform makes it easy for you to introduce Climate Change and Sustainable in an attractive, useful and cross-cutting way. All the resources have plans, teaching guides and activities to do at every session. Many of them also use the project-based learning (PBL) methodology, combining cooperative learning and the involvement of the entire educational community. There are different resources for all ages on our website, and they are free to download. There are five themed areas for you to explore:

  • Introduction to climate change
  • Water.
  • Responsible consumption and waste.
  • Nature and biodiversity.
  • Energy and sustainable mobility.

You’ll find them classified by age at this link ‘In the classroom’, and, on our YouTube channel, we’ll show you how to use some of them for children of different age groups. Want to go step by step? If you’d rather take things slowly, and would like some small challenges that encourage taking initial steps toward reflection, we have those, too! On the ‘From home’ page you will find Challenges and reflections in worksheet format so that children will be capable of working independently to research, discover, and explore aspects that are important to the survival of life on the planet these days. They are perfect for doing at home.

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