The power of the 3Rs

6-12 years

Circular economy


+10 sessions

School project



SDG 12, 13

This project is designed to develop ecological values and habits in a school and its immediate surroundings. Because of this, it suggests activities that address waste management and its environmental impact. These are extremely practical, and assign the student an active role that puts them at the centre of their own learning experiences.

“Power of the 3Rs Week” could culminate with an event for sharing lessons learned, outputs and experiences, specifically designed to raise awareness and generate changes throughout the educational community.

Author: Soledad Rappoport

PhD in Education (UAM), Master’s in Quality and Improvement of Education (UAM), Degree in Pedagogy and Primary Education Teacher (Argentina). Lecturer at the Teaching and Education Theory Department, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and tutor on several lifelong learning courses. Expert assessor on Lifelong Learning Programme, Autonomous Body for European Educational Programmes (OAPEE). Member of the Supranational Education Policy Research Group (Gipes-UAM).



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