From 2016


EducaClima is a website containing educational resources on climate change and sustainability by teachers for teachers. The website is a source of materials for ages 3 to 18 years old, focused on different environmental issues related to climate change. All the resources have been developed by teachers specialised in educational innovation so that they can be adapted to the school curriculum, and can be used at all stages of compulsory and pre-university education.

EducaClima aims to give teachers tools to teach young people about the causes, impacts and consequences of the global challenge of climate change, help them understand the vulnerability of nature to human pressure and understand the role of energy and mobility as a solution to this global challenge, and encourage responsible and efficient consumption of resources.

The fight against climate change is such an enormous challenge that it requires everyone to act: governments, companies, NGOs, schools and the public at large. It requires policies that set the tone and define ambitious targets, as well as actions by business and changes in behaviour and social demand by citizens in all its facets. By increasing the presence of climate change content in the classroom, Educaclima aims to raise awareness and action among young people.

The project is an initiative sponsored by Iberdrola and it has been created in collaboration with numerous teachers from schools who have contributed their ideas to carrying it out. We are particularly grateful to the Regional Innovation and Training Centre of the Community of Madrid; CRIF Las Acacias, which has collaborated with this project; and the trainers at the Trilema Foundation.

Iberdrola is one of the world’s leading electricity company with global operations. Almost two decades ago, it made a firm commitment to clean energy and the transition to a sustainable energy model and is now the world’s leading producer of wind energy. The fight against climate change, sustainability and the digital transformation are now the company’s levers of growth.

Aware of the need for greater consciousness in society, in 2016 Iberdrola incorporated a climate change social awareness plan as an additional area in its climate action, in which it places its resources at the disposal of initiatives such as Educaclima.

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