The theme for Environment Day this year is “Celebrate Biodiversity”.

The host country is Colombia in recognition of its achievements in the area of conservation of biodiversity, the struggle against deforestation and illegal trafficking in species and in wood.

Geologist Ricardo Lozano, Colombian Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, said that “Colombia has a greater biodiversity of birds and orchids than any other country in the world, is the second most biodiverse country in plants and amphibians, third in reptiles and palms, and fourth in mammal species”.

The massive fires that devastated tropical rainforests some months ago and the COVID-19 pandemic have underlined the interdependence and fragility of our planet, which is why UNESCO has invited us to reflect upon and discuss these topics today because it firmly believes that environmental education is decisive for action and to make improvements.

This year, the event will be virtual because of the pandemic sweeping the planet.  
What are you planning to do to celebrate biodiversity?
Check out our challenges and act: for example, Natural diversity.


David Attenborough in a vertical garden: “It is not only our own futures we hold in our hands, but those of all the other loving beings with which we share the Earth”.
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